Dieter Stanzeleit

I have two names and can introduce myself as Dieter Stanzeleit or as Nicolae Vasile de Alba Iulia, Crown-Prince of Romania.

Dieter Stanzeleit

The first name I got five years after my birth when a German refugee-woman gave me the identity of her deceased son Dieter, a baby. Obviously she did so for my protection because 1945 there was still war in Germany.

As Nicolae Vasile I was born on 28. November 1939 in Sinaia and baptized in the orthodox faith in Carmen Silva, nowadays Eforie de Sud.

In 2007 my book ,Regina pierduta’ (,The lost Queen’) appeared in Romanian language. It is dedicated to my mother and contains the story of my life and of the political circumstances which led to my both names and that I had lived in Germany for more than 50 years.

When finally in 1994 I wished to find out more about my parents and why I had lost them, many eyewitnesses had died already or important documents had disappeared. For 10 years I spoke and corresponded with eyewitnesses in Europe and even in the US. With systematic care I studied State-Archives in Bucharest, London, Potsdam, Bonn, Paris, Edinburgh, Koblenz, Munich and Utrecht and even tried by hypnosis in the waking state to overcome the traumata of horrible childhood memories.